CE Cup invitation 2022

We would like to invite you to the Central European Cup 2022. The event will be FAI Cat2 competition on the same place where will be the 25th FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship.

The event will run 9th to 13th September 2022. The Worlds 2022 will start at 16th September in Murska Sobota, Slovenia and it’s 4h 15 minutes drive only from Szeged.

The entry fee is 190 euros including gas, electronic map, dinner on the Opening Ceremony and Awards Ceremony, breakfast and lunch for 4 persons/team, free camping facilities on the airport.

Maximum 60 competitors will be invited, the fiesta pilots are not including in the maximum numbers of competitors. Fiesta pilots are welcome too but they can make passenger flights with organisers’ boarding pass only.

We will use the Balloon-tracking System as the official event management, tracker and logger system for this Event.

You may find the entry form here.

The winners

We had seven flights and 24 tasks during this nice week. We started with an amazing Opening Ceremony at the Franciscan Monastery and finished at the Szeged Airport during the Airshow. You may find the event details and results on the Electronic Notice Board here.

1st Women European Cup silver medal Diana NASONOVA (RUS), gold medal Rita BECZ (HUN) and bronze medal Inga ULE (LAT)
39th Hungarian National Championship silver medal János KONECSNI, gold medal Péter MOLNÁR and bronze medal Péter NAGY
3rd Central European Cup silver medal Péter MOLNÁR (HUN), gold medal Daniel KUSTERNIGG (AUT) and bronze medal Evgeny CHUBAROV (RUS)

Europeans 2021 will be in Szeged

The CIA Planery sanctioned the following CAT1 Events in Szeged, Hungary:

with one voice for the Europeans
  • 1st Women European Cup and 3rd Central European Cup and 39th Hungarian National Championship and 4th Szeged Balloon Cup, 2019
  • 4th Central European and 5th Szeged Balloon Cup, 2020
  • 22nd FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship 2021

CE Cup 2018 invitation

We would like to invite you to the 2nd Central European Cup hot air balloon competition and to the 38th Hungarian National Championship and to the 3rd Szeged Ballon Cup fiesta and to the BorTér winefestival, where more than 100 wineries presents excellent products and the third Szeged Airshow which is the largest flying event in the region.

The Central European Cup hot air balloon competition is open to all NACs which have met their obligations to the FAI. Pilots-in-command shall have been authorized to act as pilot-in-command of that sub-class of aerostat for which the event is held, at least twelve months prior to the start of the event. Each pilot-in-command shall have accumulated at least 50 hours as pilot-in-command of aerostats of that sub-class by the closing entry date. The maximum size category is AX8 (3000cbm/105000cft). The logger used in this Event is the FAI/CIA Flytec logger, no observer and we will apply the AXMER 2018.

CE Cup Collage, phot gallery

The Szeged Balloon Cup hot air balloon fiesta is open to all pilots but each pilot-in-command shall have accumulated at least 30 hours as pilot-in-command of aerostats of that sub-class by the closing entry date. No maximum size category. No entry fee with special shape.

More information are here.