Invitation 2019

Women European Cup and Central European Cup 2019

FAI Category 1 Event

We would like to invite you to the 1st Women Europen Cup and 3rd Central European Cup hot air balloon competition and to the 39th Hungarian National Championship and to the 4th Szeged Ballon Cup fiesta and the 4th Szeged Airshow which is the largest flying event in the region.

The Women European Cup is open for female pilots only and Central European Cup hot air balloon competition is open to all NACs which have met their obligations to the FAI. Pilots-in-command shall have been authorized to act as pilot-in-command of that sub-class of aerostat for which the event is held, at least twelve months prior to the start of the event. Each pilot-in-command shall have accumulated at least 50 hours as pilot-in-command of aerostats of that sub-class by the closing entry date. The maximum size category is AX8 (3000cbm/105000cft). The logger used in this Event is the FAI/CIA Flytec logger, no observer and we will apply the AXMER 2019. The Event Director will be David Bareford (ENG) and the Deputy Director will be Zoltán Pálhegyi (HUN) .

The Szeged Balloon Cup hot air balloon fiesta is open to all pilots but each pilot-in-command shall have accumulated at least 30 hours as pilot-in-command of aerostats of that sub-class by the closing entry date. No maximum size category. No entry fee with special shape. The fiesta balloons shall tethering on Friday or Saturday afternoon on the airport. Passenger flights allowed with bording pass from the organisers only.

Women European Cup  and Central European Cup 2019


14:00 – 18:009th SeptemberCheck-inSzeged Airport
19:009th SeptemberGeneral BriefingSzeged Airport
20:009th SeptemberOpening CeremonyCity Hall
05:15, 16:0010th-14th SeptemberTask Briefing Szeged Airport
22:0014th SeptemberClosing CeremonySzeged, Dóm Square
05:1515th SeptemberExtra Task Briefing if neededSzeged Airport
08:00 – 11:0015th SeptemberCheck-out
30th December 2018Invitation Process Starts
Before 10th May 2019Entry fee 100 EUR
10th May – 14th June 2019Entry fee 200 EUR
14th June 2019Entry Closing Date

The entry fee (see in schedule) includes are FAI loggers, officials, electronic maps and rules, propane for the flights, light breakfast and lunch, for pilot + 3 (Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday), cold dinner on the Awards Ceremony, pilot pack souvenirs, free camping facilities on the airport with your own equipment. If you don’t want to camp then you should manage and pay your accommodation. Some help is here. The first gas refilling will be after the first competition flight.  The entry fee is not refundable except if the Event is cancelled. Printed map is available if you request it, the price is 10 EUR / piece. You should pay it with the entry fee.

The entry is valid if the entry form is filled and the entry fee is arrived to the organisers account.  The entry fee should pay for the next bank account number. Please remark the pilot’s name. If you want to pay by Paypal then contact with us.

Account owner name and address:
Cameron Balloons Hungary SE
9024 Pátzay Pál utca 12.
IBAN: HU24 1173 7007 2070 8432 0000 0000
Bank name and address:
OTP Bank Nyrt.
1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 16.

Limited equipment rental service is available. Rental car service will be available. Limited additional crew members are available.

The event homepage is, online entry form is here. If you have any questions then do not hesitate to contact with us.

Winners of CE Cup 2018
Winners of CE Cup 2018

Published at 30th December 2018. Printable version.

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Meghitt és Boldog Karácsonyt Szegedi Repülőnapok és Légiparádé rajongók 🎄😘3 hónap elteltével bátran állíthatjuk, hiányoztok nekünk, hiányzik hogy az eget több tucat hőlégballon és repülő lepje el egy időben. Ezért készültünk nektek egy kis meglepetéssel karácsony alkalmából❤️👉 Légy részese pár percre ismét Szeged Repülőnapok és Légiparádénak‼️🙏😍Köszönjük nektek, hogy 2018-ban az ország legnagyobb repülős rendezvényévé nőttünk fel együtt! 2019-ben ismét találkozunk!

Közzétette: Szegedi Repülőnapok & Légiparádé – 2018. december 23., vasárnap