Europeans 2021

The invitation of 22nd FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship’s process started. We sent out the leters to the NACs at 15th January 2021. Deadline for them to send nominations is 25th February.

You will find the actual informations and all news on the Event’s website:

The schedule of the invitation:

  • Start to send out the invitation to NACs at 15th January.
  • Deadline for NACs to send nominations is 25th February.
  • Individual invitation to Competitors will be sent on 1st March.
  • 1st round deadline for Competitors’ application and entry fee is 28th April.
  • 2nd round start 3rd of May.
  • 2nd round deadline for Competitors’ application and entry fee 31st of May.

Good news for foreign participants

According the 408/2020. (VIII. 30.) Government Decree you can enter to Hungary because you will be participate on our sporting event and in paragraphs 12/2 give special dispensation if within 3 days prior to the sporting event, performed once, in accordance with health professional rules Hungarian or English containing the results of an appropriate molecular biological test – SARS-CoV-2 PCR test certifies that SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was not detected in.
You will need our personal invitation too what we will send you.
So see you Szeged in soon.

New closing entry date

We changed the closing entry date to 10th July and the entry fee is 100 euros. We will pay back the entry fee if we need to cancel the event but HOPE TO SEE YOU IN SZEGED!

Hungary eases coronavirus restrictions after two month lockdown. Now Hungary entered “phase 2” of its lockdown, as companies reopen with social distancing measures in place except in Budapest and the county around because there are the most infected persons.

Hungarians must wear face masks on public transportation and in public spaces. Pubs and restaurant are open but they can accept the guest in open space only.
Here all big gatherings till 15th August cancelled but the Szeged city planning a big festival just after. So, we have good chance to hold the event. The last decision to go or not will be 10th July but we are hoping the best.

The invitation of CE Cup 2020 is published

We would like to invite you to the 4th Central European Cup – Pre-Europeans hot air balloon competition and to the 5th Szeged Ballon Cup fiesta and the 4th Szeged International Airshow which is the largest flying event in the region and the BorTér wine festival.

CE Cup 2020

You may find the invitation here and the entry form here.